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Stay on Track with Commercial Moving in San Antonio, TX

Corporate and office moves can present a serious interruption to your business but are also a necessary event for growing companies. With the help of Econo Move & Storage, you can ensure your business sees as little interruption as possible. Our commercial moving team in San Antonio, TX will help you stay on schedule and on budget, so your cash flow stays steady. Our team has experience moving small offices and large corporations. If you wish, we can provide moving materials, file boxes, and gondolas to pack your items neatly. Call us today, and we’ll set up a time for one of our representatives to visit your site.

movers stack boxes outside of moving van

Flexible Moving Schedules to Minimize Interruption

To better help our busy commercial clients, we offer weekend service to minimize the disruption to your work week. Our team can disassemble your office on the weekend when your office is unoccupied, transport it to the new location, and reassemble it upon arrival. This allows your workers to stay productive during the normal business week. Our team is capable of providing all of the following commercial services:

  • Corporate relocation
  • Small business moving
  • Office relocation
  • Packing and organization of files

Personalized Moving Plans

At Econo Move & Storage, we understand that each business we work with will have different requirements. We don’t try to move any two businesses the same way. Instead, one of our representatives will meet with you to discuss your needs. Then, we’ll work with you to come up with a detailed plan and a schedule for your move, so you know exactly which items we’ll be moving at what time. This will allow you to plan work events accordingly. While packing your important files, our team can also do routine organization tasks, including color-coordination and labeling, ensuring you get an organized start in your brand-new space.

All of our employees are hand picked and are required to have at least 4+ years of moving experience and undergo extensive background checks.

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