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1-2 Bedroom Kit

Total Cost $181.59
ProductsSmall Moving BoxQuantity15Price$1.70Total$25.50
ProductsMedium Moving BoxQuantity20Price$2.07Total$41.40
ProductsLarge Moving BoxQuantity10Price$3.00Total$30.00
ProductsExtra Large Moving BoxQuantity10Price$3.25Total$32.50
ProductsLarge Wardrobe BoxQuantity4Price$8.50Total$34.00
ProductsBox/Packaging Paper Tape (55 yard roll)Quantity4Price$3.85Total$15.40
Products1 Roll of Labels (color coded)Quantity1Price$2.79Total$2.70

3-4 Bedroom Kit

Total Cost $345.38
ProductsSmall Moving BoxQuantity30Price$1.40Total$42.00
ProductsMedium Moving BoxQuantity40Price$2.07Total$82.80
ProductsLarge Moving BoxQuantity20Price$2.56Total$51.20
ProductsExtra Large Moving BoxQuantity20Price$3.25Total$65.00
ProductsLarge Wardrobe BoxQuantity8Price$8.50Total$68.00
ProductsBox/Packaging Paper Tape (55 yard roll)Quantity8Price$3.85Total$30.80
Products2 Roll of Labels (color coded)Quantity2Price$2.79Total$5.58

4+ Bedroom Kit

Total Cost $342.57
ProductsSmall Moving BoxQuantity30Price$1.40Total$42.00
ProductsMedium Moving BoxQuantity30Price$2.07Total$62.10
ProductsLarge Moving BoxQuantity26Price$2.56Total$48.75
ProductsExtra Large Moving BoxQuantity15Price$3.25Total$48.75
ProductsDish Barrel BoxQuantity4Price$5.45Total$21.80
ProductsLarge Wardrobe BoxQuantity4Price$8.50Total$34.00
ProductsPacking Paper (10 LB. Pack)Quantity2Price$8.80Total$17.60
ProductsEnviro Bubble Small Bubble (150' x 12")Quantity2Price$19.95Total$39.90
ProductsCushion FoamQuantity2Price$4.95Total$9.90
ProductsBox/Packaging Paper Tape (55 yard roll)Quantity8Price$3.85Total$30.80
Products4 Roll of Labels (color coded)Quantity4Price$2.79Total$11.16

*Prices may vary, please contact us directly for accurate pricing

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Packing Supplies San Antonio

We have moving boxes! San Antonio has quickly grown into one of the largest cities in Texas, and Econo Move & Storage has grown over the years as well. We offer a wide selection of moving boxes, packing supplies, and bundles so that you can quickly and easily get what you need for your move.

Cheap Moving Boxes San Antonio, TX

If you want the best value when it comes to moving boxes, San Antonio knows Econo Moving & Storage provides the best bang for your buck. We offer all different kinds of moving boxes, as well as packing supplies, all for unbeatable prices.

Packaged Moving Boxes San Antonio, TX

When you’re moving, it can be difficult to pick out the correct amount of moving boxes. We have put together packages of moving boxes and supplies, based on the number of rooms you will be packing. Our most popular packages include a 1-2 bedroom option, a 3-4 bedroom option, and a 4+ bedroom option. However, we are always happy to put together a custom package for you!

Packing Supplies San Antonio

Econo Moving & Storage has a great selection of packing supplies. We have a variety of tapes, packing paper, bubble wrap, foam, and specialty boxes to help you pack for your move. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose what packing supplies you need for an upcoming move, but our expert staff is always happy to help!

Why Choose Econo Moving & Storage

Econo Moving & Storage is the best moving and storage company in San Antonio. We take pride in making sure that every step of your moving and storage process is handled both efficiently and with care. All of our employees have at least 4 years of experience in the industry, so you know that our movers are capable of handling almost any challenge you can throw at them.


Our company has been helping residents in and around San Antonio with moving and storage needs for over 30 years. Our rates are competitive, and our quotes are always free.

Other Services From Econo Moving & Storage

Econo Moving & Storage has much more to offer than just moving boxes and packing materials. We are also proud of our other services which include:

  • Same-day local moves
  • Global relocation services
  • Industrial moving services
  • Corporate moving packages
  • Small business moving
  • File organization and packing
  • Personalized moving plans
  • And more!

Econo Moving & Storage is able to help with nearly all of your moving and storage needs. We have a secure, 40,000 square foot facility for both residential and industrial storage needs. For industrial clients, we even have rack space and forklifts with professionally trained staff so that you can store pallets with ease.

Call Econo Moving & Storage Today!

If you need a free quote on moving services, storage units, or moving boxes, San Antonio residents know that Econo Moving & Storage has unbeatable prices. Call us today so that we can help you with your move or storage needs!